How to Activate Net Banking in Citibank | Online Registration step by step

Activate Citi Bank Net Banking: In this digital age, an online banking platform is necessary for everyone to give comfort in their banking and so, the Net Banking facility is provided by the Citi bank to its customers who are running saving or current account in Citi bank. Net banking is straightforward to use, safe, secure, and convenient for a banking perspective. All kinds of banking solutions are available here for Net banking users, and you will feel happy to know that the ‘Global Finance’ awarded Citi bank ‘Best Internet Bank 2015’. You can handle all your banking needs at your fingertips. You can access your account and maintain all banking operations in an online mode according to your convenience anytime and from anywhere. You will need User ID and Password (IPIN) from Citibank to access internet banking.

You can activate Citi bank net banking easily by visiting Citi bank site and registering through the first-time login that is based on your debit/credit card. You will have to give your personal information and debit card details with its PIN, and you can create a user ID and password to access Citi bank Net banking. You should know that you can change your password anytime according to your wish. Citi bank has the easy procedure to create User ID and password (IPIN) by which you can access net banking instantly. You will need to provide your account details, debit or credit card details, personal information, and you can precede it to authorize your request.

How to activate Citi bank Net Banking-Online Registration (Activate Net Banking in Citibank)

How to activate Citi bank Net Banking-Online Registration

  • On the internet banking section, click on “Login.”

  • Then select the “First Time User” link to create a user ID and IPIN for net banking.

  • New users will have to complete four steps to creating your User ID and Internet Password (IPIN) (self-select).

  • In a first step, you will have to enter account information where you will need to select the account type (example- Banking/Suvidha), ATM/Debit card number, and CVV (Yes or No) with your personal information. Then select t&c and click on “Proceed” to get OTP.

  • In the second step, you will need to authenticate your account information by providing OTP and click on “Authorize,” enter ATM/Debit PIN details, and press on “Continue and Choose User ID.”

  • In the third step, you will need to choose the user ID of your choice. Re-enter user ID and click on “Confirm and Proceed to Choose IPIN.”

  • Then, in the fourth step, you will have to choose IPIN of your choice and Re-enter IPIN by using the virtual keyboard and press “Confirm” button. After confirming, you can see a congratulation message on your computer screen, and you can log in now with your user ID and password.

Login and start transacting on your Citibank account by using a user ID and password.

Note: This webpage is dedicated to the Citi bank Net Banking activation process. So, you can bookmark this page and visit here again to get the latest information about Citi bank Net banking activation-registration details.

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